Extra Long Treat Tuggy

Posted by Fido 25/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

Fun with Fido takes its tuggy to a new dimension.


Dogs can now enjoy even more fun with the Extra Long Fleece Treat Tuggy. This new and exciting treat toy from Fun with Fido has been designed to attract a dog’s attention by creating more visual movement and to allow more space between a person and a dog when playing.


The Extra Long Fleece Treat Tuggy is approximately 120cm long and has a treat pod at one end and a soft handle at the other. The toy can be wiggled or dragged along the floor to attract a dog’s attention for a game of tuggy and interactive play. Further positive reinforcement is given to the dog as they are rewarded with a treat which is hidden in the pod for them to discover.


You can use The Extra Long Fleece Treat Tuggy for play, training and activities such as agility, scent work and flyball. It can also provide an effective way to interrupt unwanted behaviour as it helps encourage the dog to focus on a fun game and a tasty treat. The longer length also means your hands can be kept away from sharp teeth especially if you are training a puppy or playing tug.


Dogs can be trained to use Fun with Fido treat toys by placing a treat within the pod when it is fully opened and then gradually closing the sides. By following the simple instructions provided with the toy you will quickly be able to teach your dog how to discover the hidden treat.


Fun with Fido’s Extra Long Fleece Treat Tuggy is priced £18 and comes in purple, bright orange, or an eye-catching red and yellow harlequin design. The soft fleece material is durable and can be machine washed.