Using Fun with Fido dog treat toys for agility

Posted by Fido 14/11/2016 0 Comment(s)

Most dog owners have gazed in wonder at Crufts agility competition shown on TV and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if I could do that with my dog’. For those of us who have tried know it takes a lot of work and practice but the rewards are great as it strengthens the bond between you and your dog, plus it is huge fun for both of you.

Finding out what motivates your dog helps with gaining success in training and at shows, for example, do they love toys or is it food which drives them. The great thing about treat toys is they do both. Here are five ways in which you can use your Fun with Fido treat toys for agility.


Contact training
Dog treat toys are a great way to retain your dog’s attention as they are visual. Placing a treat toy at the end of the contact area will motivate your dog and encourage independence.


Forward focus
Your dog needs to focus on you but they also need to focus on what’s ahead of them. For example, try throwing the treat toy as your dog exits a tunnel to encourage speed or leave it on the ground at the end of a line of bump jumps.


Creating distance
It is typical that in the park your dog will sometimes look at you from afar as if you are a stranger but in the agility arena it is hard to create distance. You can use treat toys to create space between you and your dog – plus reward them at the same time. For example, the treat pod can be thrown, which the dog follows and then gets a treat. The good thing is it takes time for them to open the treat toys which gives you a bit of time to reach the dog and pick up contact again.


Chase drive
Dogs love a speedy chase but unless there is a small furry thing which loves agility ahead of them (highly unlikely) then how can you get them to chase towards the next piece of equipment. Having a long treat tuggy creates a great lure for your dog to chase plus you can drop it at any time for your dog to discover a tasty treat inside.


Like humans, not all dogs are the same. We might walk up a hill to reach the ice cream van or travel in a car hundreds of miles to catch a wave. The same applies to dogs, they will have something in their life which makes them tick (at the time of writing this my dog has just delivered his toy at my feet for me to throw). An important rule with agility is not to leave your dog’s favourite treat or toy at home. Fun with Fido treat toys gives you lots of options as they reward non-toy motivated dogs and provide a different reward for toy obsessed dogs – everyone ones a winner.