A great place to hide your dog’s treat this Christmas

Posted by Fido 29/09/2016 0 Comment(s)

Give your dog the best present to unwrap this Christmas. A treat is hidden within the treat pod which the dog can discover by opening up each side of the toy. This interactive treat toy comes in a ball shape or a tuggy.


Fun with Fido treat toys are brightly coloured, durable and are available in washable fleece or water resistant neoprene fabric. The treat toys can be used for play or training and are very effective for activities such as agility fly ball and scent work.

Dogs can be trained to use Fun with Fido treat toys by placing a treat within the pod when it is fully opened and then gradually closing the sides. Both the treat pod (ball) and treat tuggy can easily fit in your pocket or bag so you can use them out of a walk for heal work, recall, forward focus or as a distraction.

Dogs that aren’t particularly into toys will see their special Fido with Fido treat toy as a source of yummy treats and get very excited which can help with training. Whereas toy motivated dogs often show calmer behaviour as they have to take a bit more time to interact with the treat toy which is different from a normal tuggy or chase toy.”