Don't forget to pack your treat toy

Posted by Fido 28/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Going on holiday with your dog during the busy summer months can present some tricky situations especially if they are nervous or frightened of other dogs. At home, your dog has its own space, they are familiar with the sights, sounds and smells, they have a routine and any stressful situations are generally managed. So, what happens when you go on holiday, let’s look at the scenarios and how packing something like a treat toy could help your dog have a more enjoyable time away from their home.


Camping should be an ideal situation for a doggy holiday as its outdoors and you spend lots of time together. However, whilst we are all gathered around enjoying a BBQ our dog might have to deal with a stream of activity passing the tent. It can be annoying if your dog decides to bark each time another dog goes past or people keep walking back and forth to the facilities. Using a treat toy as a distraction could provide an answer – of course you don’t want to keep having to fill the treat toy at five-minute intervals throughout your holiday but it could help diffuse the initial anxiety until your dog relaxes into their new environment.


One of the most popular activities whilst on holiday is going to the beach. This again should be an ideal space for your dog to run around enjoying themselves but a crowded beach could present challenges. For example, picnics at ground level, BBQs, children playing with balls and of course lots of other dogs. Having a treat toy to hand could help keep your dog under control. Not only can it provide a distraction it can help with a forward focus and a retrieve so you can keep your dog’s attention. It also provides you with more time to reach your dog and put them on the lead as hopefully they will be busy discovering the treat hidden inside the toy.


There are lots of other situations where your treat toy could come in handy on holiday especially in crowded environments. A Fun with Fido pocket tuggy or a treat pod fits neatly in your pocket for convenience– you can even pre-stuff it with some tasty treats. It is a brilliant way to quickly distract your dog and get their attention plus you can reward their behaviour.


Please remember Fun with Fido treat toys are designed for supervised play and interactive – these toys are not indestructible.


Fun with Fido wish you a happy holiday.