Another bright idea by Fun with Fido

Posted by Fido 08/12/2016 0 Comment(s)

Fun with Fido has introduced a new colour into its range of washable fleece treat toys. Both the tuggy and ball shape treat toys now come in a fabulous bright orange.


You can now choose from four different plain colours and several patterns in the washable fleece range of treat toys. The range includes a pod (ball) shaped treat toy in three sizes and a tuggy which comes in three lengths - long, short and an extra short to fit in your pocket, with a new extra-long coming soon.


Fun with Fido’s new bright orange colour washable fleece treat toys are perfect for attracting your dog’s attention so you can use them for heelwork, recall, forward focus or as a distraction. The treat toys can be used for play or training and are very effective for activities such as agility, flyball and scent work.


Dogs can be trained to use Fun with Fido treat toys by placing a treat within the pod when it is fully opened and then gradually closing the sides. Your dog will soon learn how to discover the hidden treat by opening each side of the toy.


Fun with Fido treat toys are available in washable fleece or water resistant neoprene fabric and are priced from £9